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Website Design

Our creative team has an exceptional level of industry-proven experience, and has won awards in graphic design, website design, typography and copywriting. It is this all-encompassing depth of creative knowledge and talent that enables us to provide our clients with the full range of professional creative services required to fulfil, and surpass, any creative requirements.

The Design of your project will take into account issues from both design and technology to derive the optimum results in all aspects of interactive web design and development.

The role of Information Design in the process is to structure the information in a logical, easy-to-use and interesting way and then to design the navigation system that reflects this structure. Every effort will be taken to maximise the visual impact of the web site and employ the most appropriate visuals to support scripts or texts.

Website Hosting

IPAG have worked with Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting for both Windows and Linux, we have relationships with a number of Irish Hosting providers and can recommend and arrange the hosting most suitable for your project.
We arrange domain name registration, database, email and website hosting for over 100 clients on an annual basis.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management allows you to take control of your website, this means that you can make your updates for your site when and where you want, IPAG have developed our own CMS system called Webinabox ™ following our experience dealing with a large number of projects over the past 15 years this reusable code base allows us deploy custom projects rapidly to meet your requirements.

We also have experience in delivering projects using industry standard open source CMS projects including WordPress, CobraCMS, Drupal, and Joomla.

Database Integration

We believe that data-driven content managed web applications should now be the norm on the internet. The majority of the project that we provide are now database driven from MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, we have experience in designing, developing, moving and maintaining databases of all type.

eCommerce Websites

IPAG have a wide range of experience in the development of ecommerce web sites and integration with a number of Payment Gateways including Realex, PayPal, Skrill, Payvision, Barclay’s ePDQ and WorldPay for example.

We have managed systems with payments in a number of currencies and multiple languages, during this time we have acquired knowledge in Fraud Prevention and liability shift to the purchaser away from your website.

We have found that some of the simplest solutions have been to the most effective with online booking forms for club events and subscriptions removing the workload from club members to simple on-line processes.

Social Media Integration

In the development of the new website there is the opportunity to develop the use of Social Networking technologies. The integration of Facebook ‘like’ buttons, LinkedIn ‘Tweet this’ buttons, ‘Google+’ buttons and ‘AddThis’ functionality will allow users to share the items on the site that they like with their ‘Friends’ and online communities.

The important point with Social Networking technologies is that they are ‘Push’ technologies, which means the subscribers receive the messages on their internet enabled devices wherever they are, and do not have to come to the site for the information. However the messages delivered can link back to promote new information available on the sites.

Email Newsletter

So you have been collecting your customers details and now you want to send them a communication, IPAG have a range of experience in setting up email Campaigns. We have a module in Webinabox™ that will send emails to subscribed users and also manage new subscriptions delisting requests. We also have a range of experience in creating and managing campaigns with 3rd party service providers such as MailChimp.com.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. This is achieved by naming, creating and structuring web pages in a way that will allow the search engines to trawl trough your web site and associate your pages with certain phrases and keywords.

The "robots" or "spiders" that catalogue web sites for the search engines place different emphasis on different parts of the page, while developing your web site it is important to consider the following in the creating the content for each page to reinforce the association with keywords and phrases. While creating your site we will work with you to ensure your site is registered with the major search engines.

Website Traffic Analysis:

Included in the delivery of each project IPAG build in Google Analytics and can arrange to have traffic and visitor reports emailed to a designated contact at specified periods, this will allow measurement of the effectiveness of the site.

It is also possible to set up goals to measure specific paths and actions on the website to measure if goals are being met.
Common examples of this are counts of; searches completed, email sign-up subscription, or contact forms submitted.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC):

IPAG also have considerable experience in setting up and managing Google PPC campaigns. This is the paid for advertising that appears in the right hand side bar on the Google Search Results page.

This is often used to bring traffic to a newly launched site, or to parts of the site where the marketplace is very competitive.

Accessibility and Standards Compliance:

Web Site Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are one of the new standards for content delivered over the internet and is a legal requirement for Government web sites and are implemented by many of the larger financial institutions.
In simple terms compliance will make Web content accessible to people with disabilities. This includes developing your web site in a way that is "readable" by "text to speech" converters, Braille readers and allows the user control over items such as screen text size and colour if their vision is impaired.

Developing sites to the WCAG Guidelines have a couple of other knock-on advantages, sites are generally faster to load,  the code for each page must validate and therefore quality control of code is ensured, and sites are legible to other devices (e.g. PDA's, Mobile phones).

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We want every project to be our best to date, which means... you get a great looking, professionally designed and expertly built website, that does what we said it would do and is delivered on time and on budget.

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